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April 18, 2024
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Labor Headlines

US labour news headlines from LabourStart

Google fires 28 employees involved in sit-in protest over $1.2 billion Israel contract
Why this vote at a Tennessee Volkswagen plant is historic for the South
Google fires workers protesting against $1.2bn Israeli contract
Disneyland performers file petition to form labor union
Six Southern Republican governors threaten workers: 'Don't organize with UAW, or else'
Action Center
Required Tools
Updated On: Sep 05, 2007



Tool required by contract
Suggested time to buy
Suggested brand or type
Right away
Personal choice
Rubber gloves
Right away
Personal choice
1 Trowel (18”x5” or 16”x5”) *
Right away
1 Trowel (12”x4” or 14”x4½“)
Right away
1 Margin trowel
Right away
1 Hand Float (magnesium)*
Right away
Haivala or Marshalltown
Knee pads
As soon as possible
Personal choice
Wooden hand float
When affordable or needed
Iron Bark or Mahogany (fiberglass is good)
½” radius edger
When affordable or needed
Blue Steel
Small hand brush
When affordable or needed
Non-nylon, water holding
Claw hammer
When affordable or needed
Straight claw
Mason Hammer
When affordable or needed
Steel handle
Step tools set (½” radius)*
2nd year, sooner if needed
Blue Steel
2nd year, sooner if needed
Hand saw
2nd year, sooner if needed
Cross cut
Nail apron
2nd year, sooner if needed, for working set-up
Personal choice

Strongly suggested                    
Other Suggestions (not required):
Knee boards (wooden)     – You can make your own
Rain gear                            – This is Washington
Sliders (stainless steel)     – Flat work contractors like you to have them
Duct tape                            – For wrapping the top of boots on deep pours
Equipment supplied by the contractor:
• Buckets          • Rubber floats          • Sacking brushes
Safety equipment that should be provided by the contractor:
• Hard hats        • Ear Plugs        • Respirators        • Safety glasses




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