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April 18, 2024
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Labor Headlines

US labour news headlines from LabourStart

Google fires 28 employees involved in sit-in protest over $1.2 billion Israel contract
Why this vote at a Tennessee Volkswagen plant is historic for the South
Google fires workers protesting against $1.2bn Israeli contract
Disneyland performers file petition to form labor union
Six Southern Republican governors threaten workers: 'Don't organize with UAW, or else'
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Wages and Benefits
Updated On: Jan 26, 2018

Cement Masons - Effective June 1, 2017
  *Refer to Master Labor Agreement for General Foreman/Foreman and Premium Pay

Journeyperson:     $40.67/hour
Apprentice, 60%:    $24.40/hour
Apprentice, 65%:    $26.44/hour
Apprentice, 70%:    $28.47/hour
Apprentice, 80%:    $32.54/hour
Apprentice, 90%:    $36.60/hour
Apprentice, 95%:    $38.64/hour

Benefits (paid on members' behalf by contractor)
Health & Welfare      $7.64/hour
Pension                   $8.20/hour
Apprentice Trust       $  .70/hour 

Deductions from NET PAY
Vacation Fund            $2.00/hour
Union Programs         $0.65/hour
Intrnational Training   $0.07/hour
Building Fund             $0.05/hour
Working Dues             $1.72/hour


Plasterers - Effective June 1, 2017
  *Refer to Labor Agreement for Foreman Pay and Premium Pay

Journeyperson:      $38.10/hour
Step 1  -     60% Apprentice    $23.56/hour
Step 2  -     65% Apprentice    $25.38/hour
Step 3  -     70% Apprentice    $27.20/hour
Step 4  -     75% Apprentice    $29.10/hour
Step 5  -     80% Apprentice    $30.83/hour
Step 6  -     85% Apprentice    $32.65/hour
Step 7  -     90% Apprentice    $34.47/hour
Step 8 -      95% Apprentice    $36.28/hour

Benefits (paid on members' behalf by contractor)
Health & Welfare      $7.64/hour
Pension                   $7.90/hour (starts at Step 2)
Apprentice Trust       $0.80/hour 
Industry Fund          $0.45/hour

Deductions from NET PAY
Vacation Fund            $1.75/hour
Union Programs          $1.00/hour (starts at Step 5)
International Training  $0.07/hour
Building Fund             $0.05/hour
Working Dues             $1.63/hour
Rebound                    $0.05/hour


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