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May 27, 2015
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015 

Time:    7:00am – 7:00pm

Place: 6362 – 6th Ave S, Seattle 98108

     IF NECESSARY, a run-off election will be held June 2, 2015 at a special meeting called for such purpose during the regular membership meeting of June 2, 2015.    ** Please visit our website and click on Const./Bylaws for complete details and duties.


Business Manager:  Eric Coffelt, Justin Palachuk

President:  Joe Hannan White Ballot

Vice President:  Jeff Ableman removed name from consideration, Ed Case White Ballot

Treasurer:  Royal Robinson White Ballot

Rec. Sec.:  Marilyn Kennedy White Ballot

Sgt @ Arms Jose Belica, Alex Garcia, John Harrington

H&W/Pension Trustees (2 Cement Masons and 1 Plasterer to be selected):

      Cement Masons:  Frank Benish, Karey Swett, John Kearns, Mike Raymond 
      Plasterer:  Royal Robinson, White Ballot

Union Trustee:  Mark Maher, Bob Foster, Joe Harrington

Executive Board (A total of six (6) to be selected.  The candidate from each craft, Plasterer (PL) and Cement Mason (CM), receiving the most votes will be named first.  The remaining 4 positions will be filled according to most votes received, regardless of craft.)
Chris Hartshorne (cm), Brett Dunnington, Jr. (cm), Mike Niederle (cm),
Josh Rupe (PL), Dave Hively (cm), Brett Johnson (cm), Brett Dunnington, Sr. (cm),
Ed Hintz (cm), Rosie Bernard (PL), Alex Garcia
removed name from consideration,
Randy Nickell (cm), Manuel Cobian (cm)

Local 528 will honor any reasonable request by a candidate to distribute campaign literature to members, at the candidate’s expense.  Campaign literature must be provided in sealed, stamped envelopes which are ready for mailing.  Candidates must provide Avery label #5160 for printing of address labels.  Contact John Kearns to arrange a date/time for your mailing.




What's New at OPCMIA 528
News and Recognitions

Local 528 would like to express our gratitude to the following members for their dedication to our union for half a century or more!  These members are the ones responsible for enabling the craft to grow and we continue to recognize them for their dedication and foresight.

     Members for 60 Years or more     

Member Initiation Date
James Ellis September 3, 1946
William Godsalve Jr. September 3, 1946
Donald Jacobson June 2, 1947
Jesse Thomas, Jr. August 12, 1948
Claude Dehnhoff October 14, 1948
Bert Neukom October 3, 1949
Tony Hiblar November 20, 1950
Thomas Collins  September 16, 1952  
Elmer Kurpgeweit February 11, 1953
Arthur Clemente January 11, 1954
Andy Missel October 11, 1954
Peter Nova October 12, 1954

Members for 50 Years or more

Member Initiation Date Member Initiation Date
Charles Schmidt June 7, 1955   James Oquist April 30, 1956
Ronald Thorvilson February 12, 1957   George Sprague August 30, 1957
Kenneth Anderson October 21, 1957   Marvin Herridge November 18, 1957
William Peterson July 15, 1958   Gary Susan September 5, 1958
Reuel Olsen October 14, 1958   Herbert Bertsch December 4, 1958
Herbert Springer   December 19, 1958     Jack Meyers   March 19, 1959  
Lawrence Baskett July 10, 1959 Harlan Crowe November 25, 1959
Gordon Devenny March 14, 1960     Calvin Buckland  September 26, 1960  
Donald Pfeiffer December 7, 1960 Horst Zeeb  March 20, 1961 
John Fahrnkopf   May 8, 1961     Wilhelm Fink  August 25, 1961 
Harvey Knudsen  January 8, 1962  Patrick McCarthy January 14, 1963
James Ableman April 1, 1963 Alan Anderson  April 1, 1963 
Raymond Mellor  April 1, 1963  Glen Hansen  April 22, 1963 
Juan Salinas November 8, 1963 Tony Orsillo March 16, 1964
Emmett Adams January 11, 1965

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